For over many years Flexopipe has been serving consumers, business owners, property managers and engineers worldwide to provide an excellent product for a better world. We understand that as the world changes, so does the products that people use every day. Flexopipe innovation is based on this approach and works hard to accomplish this goal.


Flexopipe South Africa products are sold to plumbing distributors and wholesalers across Africa. Flexopipe stands behind its commitment to manufacture high quality products with world-class service to its customers, combining cutting edge technology with people who are committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Challenge, Creativity, and Change are core values that inspire everyone here at Flexopipe South Africa.


Flexopipe made its first water corrugated stainless steel tubing in 1989, establishing a tradition of innovation that continues to grow to this day. The success of this resulted in other visionary products that are as successful as the first product made long ago. Now, Flexopipe has international offices throughout the world for distribution of our products to who need them.


Flexopipe (South Africa) is a leading distributor of corrugated stainless steel tubing products. Our specialization over the years of flexible corrugated stainless steel products has made job completion easier and faster which is also cost-effective for all end users. Combining the strength of stainless steel with flexibility of corrugation are the top reasons why its popularity has increased in recent years with its customers around the world. Our product line is an excellent choice for new construction or renovation projects.


Corrugated pipes are rapidly replacing rigid pipes in new construction because of its flexibility and cost saving installation. They are widely used to retrofit in tenant improvement projects. The greatest advantage of using flexline in place of rigid piping is the incredible time saving benefits in installation. Rather cutting the tube to exact length and making 90 degree connections every time you need a bend, flexlines offer the ease of simply bending the tubing—without any extra connections—for a hassle-free installation of one seamless line.