Insert developed for Flexopipe corrugated stainless steel piping:

- This unique insert has been developed and registered by Flexopipe (South Africa)

- The insert ensures that Flexopipe piping can be connected to Cobra compression fittings that all plumbers and industries use.

- This breakthrough also ensures that no “special fittings” needs to be acquired to connect the corrugated stainless steel piping



To connect the corrugated stainless steel pipe to a cobra compression fitting with our developed insert is easy, simple and fast to do. Step by step pictures to follow on how exactly to connect the corrugated stainless steel piping to cobra fitting.



Remove the copper ferrule                         Insert our inner guide                                Insert the inner guide all the way



Slide the brass nut and outer guide over      Followed by the O-ring                              Insert the male part of the brass fitting

the Flexopipe pipe



Push it all together                                   Tighten by hand and ONLY another            Job Completed! Easy, Simple, Fast

                                                            half a turn with a shifting spanner


Brass Fittings for Water CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) - Imported CSST fittings







Straight Male(BC) Straight Female(BIC) Coupling/Union(BU) Reducer(BRS)





Elbow(BL) Elbow(BLC) Elbow Fixing(BLW) Triple Elbow(BT)
Female Tee(BIT) Tee Reducing(BNS) Female Tee Reducing(BNI) Female Tee Fixing(BITW)

      No-Hub Couplings


No-Hub Coupling Heavy Duty 4-Bend
No-Hub Reducing Coupling Copper Sweat
Push-Fit Tubing Saddles    

      Internal parts for Perfect Seal


High-Temp Gasket Isolation Ring



Stainless steel pipe you can bend with you hand                     copper replacement for water

Flexopipe water csst for water                                                 half inch stainless water pipe

Stainless steel pipes for water                                                 ¾ inch stainless water pipe

Corrugated stainless steel water pipe                                     Flexopipe  stainless water pipe

Flexopipe south Africa                                                                 solar geyser water pipe           

Flexible stainless steel pipe                                                     stainless solar geyser water pipe

Stainless water pipe                                                                 solar geyser stainless steel corrugated pipe

Flexopipe                                                                                    pipes for solar geysers


stainless pipe for plumbers

water csst south africa